Watch this video and more on Every Man Ministries

Watch this video and more on Every Man Ministries

Driving Forces Part 5 with Kenny Luck

New Release • 50m

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    Sometimes it's hard to think about our relationship with God as being "royal" but that is exactly what the Bible teaches. Jesus is a King. He rules over a Kingdom. We were chosen by him to belong to his family. Now we serve at his pleasure in His Kingdom. That experience of coming into His K...

  • The Wonderful Unknown with Kenny Luck


    Big journeys require big courage and faith. Think Columbus. Think Lewis and Clark. Think the astronauts of Apollo 11. What they all have in common is that their starting point and their finishing point required a certain tolerance of the unknown. There were so many fact...

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    The Different World of Generosity

    When it comes to the topic of generosity most people's thoughts track toward the financial dimension. In contrast to this natural response, the Bible says that when a Christian hears the word "generosity" there thoughts should naturally gravitate toward God -...