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Each Day Part 3 by Kenny Luck

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Each Day Part 2 - Kenny Luck

Each Day with Kenny Luck • 47m

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  • Each Day Part 3 by Kenny Luck

    Each Day Part 3

    A parent sees and senses when their child is not listening to them.  A wife sees and senses when her husband hears what she is saying but isn’t going to change his behavior or take action. A coach sees and senses when a player is not taking his direction in the game.  God sees...

  • Each Day Part 4 with Kenny Luck

    Being a taker is easy.  Being a giver requires inner resources we don't always have. Jesus made this issue of giving and taking as a man a defining feature for those who followed him.  Men who did not follow him were free to be takers but men called themselves by his name were free to be givers -...

  • Each Day Part 5 with Kenny Luck

    Each Day Part 5 - Walk in Pride or Walk in Humility

    We all know unhealthy pride when we see it - the message is: thanks but no thanks.  
    When you run into a prideful person they act like they know better than you or are even worse - that they are better than you!   We also know humility when ...