Father Factor

Father Factor

Currently in America, at least twenty-five million children under the age of 18 don’t live with their natural father. Add the number of children who live with their fathers but who aren’t connected emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually and you have the dramatic majority of all children.
Children who sense closeness to their fathers are twice as likely to enter college or find stable employment after high school; they are seventy-five percent less likely to have a child in their teenaged years, eighty percent less likely to spend time in jail, and half as likely to experience depression. A four-decade study reports that when dads encourage their daughters to excel and achieve and are emotionally close to their sons, their daughters are more successful in school and careers, and their sons achieve greater economic status. 

The Father Factor is Every Man Ministries newest conference offering for women and men featuring Dr. Ken Canfield (see bio), Doug Field (see bio), and Kenny Luck (see bio) serving the church and inner city communities to help them address this critical issue in the congregation and, more importantly, the community. It is an interactive, multi-media, inspirational and educational conference centered on the “Father” issue addressing personal, family, and faith dimensions related to the issue.

Father Factor
  • Father Factor - Part 1

    Every man is made son-ship but not every man receives the blessing of son-ship. The problem with this cultural epidemic is this: if men don't get healthy approval from a father, they will chase it in a number of unhealthy and self destructive ways that destroy the man and the people connected to ...

  • Father Factor - Part 2

    When a man has solved the acceptance issue, once and for all, he can then lead and connect with others from place of inner security and stability. Not only must a man personalize the father-factor in his own life but he must practice giving it away in the lives of those entrusted to his care and ...

  • Father Factor - Part 3

    Fathers powerfully message values and priorities that sink deeply into the beliefs and behaviors of their sons and daughter. They see your "will" and they adopt it as their own subconciously and consciously because that is the way children are wired. This makes fatherhood a sacred occupation. In ...