Force Of Habit with Kenny Luck

Force Of Habit with Kenny Luck

It is a lifestyle series… When you make a change to live for God it is not an event it is intended to become a lifestyle. Habits become forces in our lives that turn into ways of living for better or for worse. They are powerful. Not sure how to illustrate that but it should communicate that our daily and moment by moment choices turn into a way to be… We take ourselves down paths

Force Of Habit with Kenny Luck
  • “Force of Habit” Part 1 Live with Kenny Luck

    The Bible reveals that an authentic relationship with God is a lifestyle - a way to be and believe that produces a way to behave daily.  As opposed to what you say?  A compartmentalized event or a disconnected set of singular experiences?  Yet that is how many men experience God.  Before a meal. ...

  • “Force of Habit” Part 2 Live with Kenny Luck

    You will become what you repeatedly do. Depending on what they are, that's why our habits will make or break us as men. God says your first and best habit should be Him. Find out what that means in this powerful session on building a healthy spiritual lifestyle in Christ.

  • “Force of Habit” Part 3 Live with Jason Park

    Big victories are the result of a collection of small wins.  BUT visualizing the prize at the end, gives me discipline in the moment.  It gives me hope and that hope shapes my habits.   These habits provide a road paved with confidence and direction filled with peace.  The habit of Listening to G...

  • “Force of Habit” Part 4 Live with Kenny Luck

    "I got this." These are words of confidence uttered when we feel command over a situation or challenge. When it comes to the daily management of our lives and walk with God those words don't make sense to Jesus. He said, "I am the Vine and you are the branch. Apart from me you can do nothing."...

  • Force Of Habit Part 5 Live with Kenny Luck

    Right habits build the RIGHT LIFE. One of those right habits is hanging out with the RIGHT PEOPLE who will help and support you in building that right life. The battle for every man then becomes about disciplining ourselves and our calendars to make time for your "go to guys." So who are your "...

  • “Force of Habit” Part 6 Live with Kenny Luck

    In a group of men all it takes is one bad idea. All of us have been there. You are in a group of guys. There is camaraderie. There is energy. There is stupidity! You end doing stuff in a group that you would never choose to do if you were by yourself. And hopefully, you come out of it alive...

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