I Can't Breathe Series

I Can't Breathe Series

Cultural pressure and testing reveal the substance of a man's faith.  Does he really love what God loves and hate what God hates?   Call it what you want.  A wake up call or a gut punch, the murder of George Floyd is a cultural crucible that God wants to use redemptively to purify our faith, reveal our substance, and change us forever. The Bible says that God loves righteousness and justice.  Do you?  More importantly, as you are forced into the conversation literally by events outside your control and pressure is placed on you to have some kind of response,  what are you saying as a man, as a follower of Jesus, and as a human being.  Do you say what your favorite media outlet says?  Do you say what your political affiliation inclines you to say? Do you say what guilt or passivity conform you to say?  Or, in a move of God's Spirit, do you say what your faith tells you say?  Do you do what the example of Jesus inspires you to do?  Do you say and do what the Word of God commands us to do?  Will you hear the message of the moment?  WIll you act or remain on the sidelines? Will you unite with all people who want peace and justice to effect a shift in our culture? God has brought one of the most important conversations of our lifetime to the front porch of our lives, rang the doorbell, and is waiting for us to answer.  Where are you? Join Pastor Kenny Luck and friends for the most challenging conversation you will have this year in this special new series called "I CAN"T BREATHE" : Hearing.  Acting. Uniting.  

I Can't Breathe Series
  • "I Can't Breathe" Part 1 with Kenny Luck

    What is my response to the unjust, brutal, and untimely death of George Floyd? You have to have one because it is - literally - everywhere and everyone is talking energetically. What kind of energy do you have right now? Not much. Some. Or, a lot. Safe to say all of us are processing, all of u...

  • "I Can't Breathe" Part 2 with Kenny Luck

    The current discussion of race and the racial divide in our country is a challenging and emotional one for everybody.   It is easy, depending on who your audience is, to get into thick brush and impassable jungle.   It is equally concerning and confusing to the world that the most segregated hour...

  • "I Can't Breathe" Part 3

    When tensions are high, the worst place to be is in the middle of them without clarity. This moment culturally has pushed our collective backs to the wall in terms of race relations, making us look at the cultural experience for people of color and form a response consistent with a history of mi...

  • I CAN'T BREATHE Trailer