Ignite Conference

Ignite Conference

Modern culture has yet to see what God can do through a Spirit-empowered community of men out of a local church who are yielded aggressively, cohesively, and visibly to God’s purposes. God is personally calling men in the local churches to assemble, connect, worship, receive power, and then reveal Christ in meaningful ways a waiting world. Spirit-empowered men relieve pain, reduce loads, raise spirits, and reach souls – they turn broken male culture on its head and create a witness of Kingdom rule visible through transformed lives. IGNITE with Kenny Luck can be the flashpoint of your church's next men’s revival.

Ignite Conference
  • Ignite Conference Session 1 Ignite The Fight

    A decision to rise above means a man must pick the right fights and commit to being God's man. He must engage and win the fight for personal integrity, character, and full transparency with God and man. Then, and only then, will he rise above broken make culture, selfishness, and evil that conf...

  • Ignite Conference Session 2 - Fuel The Fire

    Inspiration without measurable progression leads to frustration. Flash in the pan emotions don't cut it. Neither does lip service. Only the strong, intentional re-arrangement of a man's lifestyle around his goals will secure the prize. There are four lifestyle choices of God's man that repres...

  • Ignite Conference Session 3 - Bring The Heat

    Only pressure reveals substance. A man must not only expect that his commitments and lifestyle will be tested, he must know how to think about and use pressure for progress. it requires an inner security and rooting in love, a readiness to engage pressure positively, and a motivation to endure i...