Sex Love Date

Sex Love Date

Sex, Love, Date takes young adults and those who are leading them into the most sensitive and “touchy” subject of all – how guys and girls connect. In addition to exposing the lies of the hook-up culture, Sex, Love, Date starts faith driven conversations focusing on the sexual tensions, competing voices, hard choices, and specific actions involved in really getting to know another person.

Sex Love Date
  • Sex Love Date - Session 1

    Session 1 explores how every relationship, when LOVE is in the air, is automatically on a schedule of touch and how that progression of touch affects the goal of getting to know another person.  Sean and Tindell hold nothing back in this break through and honest discussion of the “TOUCHY” subject.

  • Sex Love Date -Session 2

    Session 2 shows how clearly communicating and agreeing to a few strong boundaries in a relationships will take away (especially from the girls perspective) some hidden and awkward pressures in dating relationships that sabotage really getting to know someone.  Sean and Tindell break this topic do...

  • Sex Love Date -Session 3

    Session 3 takes a closer look at typical dating practices, habits, and pitfalls.   This is followed by a frank discussion by Sean and Tindell over whether those typical habits help or hurt the process of really getting to know someone – you can judge for yourself.

  • Sex Love Date -Session 4

    Session 4 looks at a big factor but overlooked factor affecting guy-girl relationships – the friends around us and the people we get advice from about relationships. Through visual story and discussion with Sean and Tindell, we learn that our friends and advisers will either help you or hurt you ...

  • Sex Love Date -Session 5

    Session 5 puts LOVE on trial.  What do most people think it is?  Are they right? Is it a sensation? A warm fuzzy? Chemistry? But most importantly, does our definition of love attract us to a great person on the outside and a lousy person on the inside or the other way around.  Sean and Tindell br...

  • Sex Love Date -Session 6

    Session 6 explores how a relationship between a guy and girl ends up being the INSIDE story of the two people coming together.  In this spiritually powerful session Sean and Tindell drive home the truth that God’s love gives us the power and permission to love another the way they deserve to be l...