Take Your Place

Take Your Place

In today’s world standing out is easy if you are a man.  All we have to do is to take responsibility for and follow through on our commitments.  Amazingly, this kind of man is in high demand but low supply – ask the women and children left holding the bag and struggling to survive because they were trusting a boy hiding inside of a man’s body.  A man takes his place – he doesn’t abdicate, send someone else, or “phone-in” what he alone must do.  Join pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck for this three part series on identity and responsibility.

Take Your Place
  • Take Your Place Session 1

    Most men don’t wake up to a new day and say to themselves: “I want to ruin my life today.”   Typically, men simply start losing perspective on themselves or lose a clear vision of who they are and what they alone are responsible for.  Void of a strong vision, they stop showing up in the spaces of...

  • Take Your Place Session 2

    Every generation of men inherits the choices and connected consequences of the one before it.  On a more personal level, every man will both inherit and pass on a personal mantle of leadership or a personal mess to the next generation.  You may be that next generation man who is being called to t...

  • Take Your Place Session 3

    Every man is uniquely timed, placed, and tasked to take his place in God’s unfolding earthly and eternal plan.  Accepting this reality and living in light of it requires a strong identity and even stronger perspectives on eternity, brevity of time on earth, and our personal accountability to God....