The Guide with Greg Munck

The Guide with Greg Munck

In USMC bootcamp I was the platoon leader and carried the platoon flag called a guidon, in turn that made me The Guide. The fear of death in combat led me to the feet of the cross, and Jesus became The Guide of my life. At that moment, I became a solider for Christ. Over the coming weeks, we are going to be looking at how God as the guide over our lives, guides a soldier’s: Identity, Growth, Surrender, Purpose and Worth. Most of us want to be good and faithful soldiers, and we know what the opposite of those things are and what they produce. What is guiding you is what will determine what kind of soldier you will be.

Greg Munck is the Lead Executive Pastor of Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, California. He is a USMC veteran and was combat promoted to Corporal for his actions in the Persian Gulf War. He has been married to Kymbry for 30 years, and has five children Noah, Taylor, Micah, Elijah and Ethan. He is a speaker and author of The Guide: Survival, War-fighting and Peacemaking.

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The Guide with Greg Munck
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