The Ultimate with Kenny Luck

The Ultimate with Kenny Luck

The thought that "you only live once" (YOLO) cuts in two directions.  One man will ponder the brevity of life and give himself permission to live for the here and now, the moment, and abandon self-restraint to satisfy his appetites.  The pressure of the "now" takes over.  Another man's thoughts will go toward eternity and accountability to God and he will choose a completely opposite direction.  The healthy pressure of a future moment before God and his destiny takes over.  One man fixes his attention on what is seen.  The other focuses on what is unseen.  One man lives for the immediate.  The other lives for the ULTIMATE. Join men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck for this transformational living series and experience the best imaginable life on earth and in heaven versus miss out on it. You only live once.  Say yes to THE ULTIMATE.

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The Ultimate with Kenny Luck
  • “The Ultimate” Part 1 Live with Kenny Luck

  • “The Ultimate” Part 2 Live with Kenny Luck

    There are certain events that shape the trajectory and energy of our lives. A mom loses a son to a drunk driver and starts Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). A soldier is saved from death by a fellow soldier's heroism in combat and doesn't want the sacrifice to be in vain. He determines to ...

  • “The Ultimate” Part 3 Live with Kenny Luck

    Hope provides power. You hope to have a relationship with the girl of your dreams, so you risk asking her out. Where did the power come from? A relational hope. You hope to get a bonus check this month, so you risk calling on a customer who could use and buy a lot of what you sell. Why did y...

  • “The Ultimate” Part 4 Live with Kenny Luck

    A mom yells to her teenage son as he is running out the door to go out with his friends: "Make good choices!" Sons grow into men. Decision making patterns develop. Values are adopted. Our moral and spiritual compass is tested. The difference now is that the weight of our choices are heavier...

  • “The Ultimate” Part 5 Live with Kenny Luck

    Navigating yourself to get somewhere is simple in the digital age. You simply activate an app on your phone, plug in a destination, press GO, and follow the guidance of a friendly voice connected to a worldwide GPS network. It's comforting because it is always there in the palm of our hand or o...