Turning the Tables with Kenny Luck

Turning the Tables with Kenny Luck

Something is not right. You feel it. Your internal and spiritual warning systems are triggering. You either see or sense something unholy, unjust, unhealthy, or flat out evil is going down. What are you going to do right now? You recognize it. You know you need to confront it. Will you act? Or will you excuse it? Rationalize it? Justify it? Compartmentalize it? Give in? Or just deny the threat? Not only does evil triumph when good men do nothing, others suffer when we don't have the courage to confront ourselves, other men, injustice, lies, and evil. Sometimes Jesus sat around tables and other times he threw them over because his inner man said "ENOUGH!" He acted. Will you? Join men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck for this challenging series on how God's man recognizes, confronts, and acts in the moment to advance God's will and turn the tables on the ever present evil inside and around us.

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Turning the Tables with Kenny Luck
  • “Turning the Tables” Part 1 Live with Kenny Luck

  • Turning the Tables” Part 2 Live with Kenny Luck

    Men love the idea of "iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another" but when the sharpening stone is pressed against their personal behavior the real battle begins. Men love competition but they do not like confrontation. No man likes to be told that the way they are believing and behaving is ...

  • “Turning the Tables” Part 3 Live with Kenny Luck

    If you are a man and are looking for encouragement do not turn on cable news. Within seconds you will find yourself shaking your head. Vulnerable or fatherless young men being swooped into violent crime and terrorizing people on the streets. Powerful men using their positions of influence to ex...

  • “Turning the Tables” Part 4 Live with Kenny Luck

    Human beings are a complex ball of unfulfilled needs, wants, desires, longings and hopes. Magnifying our dilemmas is the fact that life, others, bosses, spouses, friends, or unplanned circumstances get in the way (how dare they) of us seeing all those needs, wants, desires, longings and hopes be...

  • “Turning the Tables” Part 5 Live with Kenny Luck

    In war the side with the better weapons prevails. Why? Better technology neutralizes old technology. The long-bow of the English devastated the average bow of the French in the Battle of Crecy. 10,000 French men lose their lives to 300 English - all because a bow was invented that shot an arr...