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Watch this video and more on Every Man Ministries

"Hearing God" Part 2 with Kenny Luck

"Hearing God" with Kenny Luck • 41m

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    The modern world is a noisy one. The most immediate consequence of a lot of noise is that you can't communicate with anyone in its presence. The immediate solution is equally simple if you want to connect with, hear what someone is saying, and advance the relationship. You remove the noise by ...

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    We work hard - really hard. To rest we divert from our work lives. We do family, collect friends, go to church, vacation, go out to eat, stream shows, do podcasts, socialize around craft whiskey, stay up on sports, become fantasy general managers, do our hobbies, and accumulate gear to do those...

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    We call it multi-tasking. It means that you are able to do more than one thing at a time. Culture encourages it and it can work in some instances. We talk and drive at the same time. We BBQ and sip a beer at the same time. We hold our kids and eat at the same time and so on. But at some poi...

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