Where The Light Is

Where The Light Is

Darkness and light surround our daily lives.  Light pierces darkness.  Light illuminates the mysterious.  Light provides safety.  Light is hope.  Darkness and light also surround and shape our spiritual well-being.  God's man is called to avoid one and engage the other.  Sin is darkness.  Righteousness is light.  The Bible says that God is light and advises God's man to "walk in the light."  Jesus told his guys that they were "the light of the world."  We are called by God to put aside sin and "put on the Armor of Light."  All of these truths about light, about God, and about men of faith begs a very important question:  "Are you where the light is?"  Join pastor and men's expert Kenny Luck for this five week series on being where the light is so we can fulfill Christ's call and live out our truest identity.   Hope for many is one man of light away.  

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Where The Light Is
  • "Where the Light is" Part 1 with Kenny Luck

  • “Where The Light Is” Part 2 Live with Kenny Luck

    Lost. It's not just an adjective to describe someone or something, it is a feeling. This sense of being unable to find our way hits us as men after trying to navigate our own way and failing. We can't get to the place we long to get to and a pervading fear creeps in that we might never get the...

  • “Where The Light Is” Part 3 Live with Jason Park

    It is easier to stay committed to something when you are connected to men who are committed to that same thing. Simple right? Well you would think so but it is a battle to find and integrate into your life healthy male friendships that help you keep your commitment. The opposite is also true - i...