Could It Be? with Kenny Luck

Could It Be? with Kenny Luck

Could it be... that behind the disruptions we are experiencing right now in our world and culture that God is orchestrating some needed and new directions for you personally, for the people connected to you relationally and for us collectively as His church?

God's plan always moves God's people to new destinations in Him and many times that involves a massive disruption. In the Bible we encounter story after story of God's men and women who envisioned a life they thought they would live which ultimately had to give way to the life God was calling them to live. Moves of God almost always do not come in the form we would choose, the way we would choose it, and when we would choose for it to occur.

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Could It Be? with Kenny Luck
  • Could It Be Part 1 with Kenny Luck

    The tension is that we liked and were comfortable with our old life and our old flow but the new and better chapter God is writing does not need your old way or flow. One chapter must close before a new one can fully begin. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. (Thank you ...

  • Could It Be Part 2 with Kenny Luck

    Behind the disruptions.

    Uncertainty is spreading like a wildfire these days -  about the future, the next chapter of life, the unknowns, and what it means for ourselves and the people we love.  At the same time God is powerfully speaking into restlessness, anxiousness, and fear over what we cann...

  • Could It Be Part 3 with Jordan Gash

    Could it Be? Part 3 - “Full Send”

    Knowing that, in the midst of disruption, God is working to bring new revelation, exhortation and intention to our lives, we can therefore respond in the attitude of “full send” commitment. It’s the attitude of doing something full-throttle and with 100% commitm...