Crazy Asks with Kenny Luck

Crazy Asks with Kenny Luck

A man knows when he is "coasting." It means that he is not stretching to achieve a higher standard, putting a full effort into his work or sacrificing anything to improve a situation, an endeavor or important relationship. The Bible reveals a personal God who does not believe in"coasting" in your relationship with him and in your service of him. In fact, He will intentionally ask a man of God to do things in faith that, from the man's perspective, are not only personally challenging but are also culturally, physically, emotionally, or financially insane! He stretches God's man by making a CRAZY ASK in order to reveal a new aspect of himself to that man, prove his faithfulness, and accomplish higher purposes. Think about all the men and women in Scripture who God had to assure with the words: "Don't be afraid." If it takes faith, stretches our faith, or makes you pause because the decision is outside your "comfort zone" spiritually, God is going to stretch you - for your sake. In this cultural and global moment God is looking for men who will see past their fear with eyes of faith and say "yes" to a CRAZY ASK GOD! Are you ready? Join men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck for this powerful new faith series and get ready for your next adventure in faith.

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Crazy Asks with Kenny Luck
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