Dangerous Good - The Small Group Curriculum

Dangerous Good - The Small Group Curriculum

Welcome to the Dangerous Good Movement. This movement is calling men out of broken masculine culture and into a fellowship of men who endeavor to be both strong and loving. These men will demonstrate masculinity as Jesus modeled and redefined what it means to truly be a man.

Before you begin the Dangerous Good Curriculum to to our website and order your study guides for all the men in your group. https://www.everymanministries.com/shop/dangerous-good-the-workbook/

The Dangerous Good study guide is a companion to the Dangerous Good book and video series by Kenny Luck. The video series and study guide are created for a Dangerous Good Fellowship (men’s small group) to go deeper into the topics and personally apply each on to their lives. The study guide offers step-by-step instructions for both new and seasoned men’s group leaders. Each group member will benefit from the note taking guide for each video as well as the exercises for the group time.

Dangerous Good - The Small Group Curriculum
  • Dangerous Good Curriculum Trailer

    Available Jan 18th, 2019 Order Your Workbooks Today.

    It’s time to wake the sleeping giant in our world, in our communities, in our churches, and in our homes.

    There’s a revolution brewing, a sleeping giant coming out of a long slumber. For years men have been sitting to the side, minding t...

  • Dangerous Good Session 1 - The Eruption Of A Generation

    Session One: The Eruption Of A Generation

    It's called "history in the  making."  A generational and cultural moment where the darkness surrounding a generation of men is so all-encompassing that it forces men either to risk greatly or retreat into the shadows.  Driven to respond by today's pol...

  • Dangerous Good Session 2 - The Inner Revolution

    Session Two: The Inner Revolution 

    Dangerous Good is a different breed of man and movement because at the foundation of both is an inner revolution the world is ready to receive.  Today's world is tired of men who have man-sized responsibilities but boy-sized character. The reality that spirit...

  • Dangerous Good Session 3 The Lifestyle Revolution

    Session Three: The Lifestyle Revolution

    Hard choices are always made in the presence strong hopes.  Dangerous Good men make those choices but, more specifically, they rearrange their lives and redistribute their energies into those things that help them win the inner and outer spiritual battle...

  • Dangerous Good Session 4 - The Relational Revolution

    If a man is not doing his relationships right he is not doing his life right. All men want to love and relate well but we struggle and have a reputation for either giving up or bailing out of relationships under the pressure. Dangerous Good men measure themselves one way - the way Jesus said they...

  • Dangerous Good Session 5 - The Justice Revolution

    The logical and powerful result of transformed men living out Christlike character is a wildfire of God's justice entering the big and, mostly small, spaces of humanity through Spirit-empowered men. To act unselfishly is a work of God.  To act unselfishly in the midst of a social injustice is a w...

  • The Making Of The Dangerous Good Conference