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New Releases

  • As One Part 1 by Kenny Luck

    The common ground we once shared is shrinking. Slight disagreements cause great divides. People use technology to bully people they have never met. In a culture splintering to pieces, God has given us an unstoppable power to turn the tide and rise above culture - that force is "US." In the cultur...

  • The Damon Friedman Interview Trailer

    Dr. Damon Friedman sits down with Every Man and discusses his journey through the Armed Forces and the final mission God has given him.

  • You Are Here with Kenny Luck

    5 videos

    It's called "intentional insertion."  Strategically it is just like it sounds. It is the entrance of a person or force into a "theater" of operation to execute a particular mission. The goal? To locate, deeply penetrate, and execute specific actions in order to secure the mission objective.  The ...

  • Every Man Ministries Special: Damon Friedman Interview

    Movie + 1 extra

    Originally a US Marine Corps officer, Dr. Damon Friedman transferred into the Air Force’s elite as a Special Tactics Officer (aka Combat Controller) and a leader in special operations. He has been decorated with three Bronze Stars (one with Valor) and the Air Force Combat, Action Medal. Kenny Luc...

  • Clay Jones - Why Does God Allow Evil?

    4 videos

    The most vexing question facing Christianity and confronting the individual Christian is “Why does God allow evil?” Skeptics contend that this question cannot be answered, and believers often fear the skeptics might be right. Some Christians think their only refuge is to say, “We’ll find out in h...

  • Sports Spectrum Podcast with Jason Romano

    27 videos

    Hosted by former ESPN Senior Producer Jason Romano, Sports Spectrum is an interview driven podcast that features stories on the intersection of faith and sports.

  • The Power Of A Strong Woman

    People suffering.  People praying.  How does God answer?  A strong woman of God.  A strong warrior for God. A strong word from God for this woman and man to obey and work together to fulfill.  It doesn't get any better and it is a prophetic parable for what God wants to do today through Spirit em...

  • Anxiety Killer by Kenny Luck

    DO YOU BATTLE ANXIETY? DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES? Anxiety clouds. Those clouds keep us from the clarity, calm, and power of God’s love. God desires to give every person He creates into a new dimension of PEACE in a world of PANIC and FEAR. Will you get there? Will you stay there? Will perso...

  • The Testimony Series Season 2 "In The Line Of Fire"

    11 videos

    Each and everyday these men and women risk it all to keep us safe. In season 2 of our Testimony Series you will hear their real life stories and how they leaned on their faith to get them through these traumatic experiences.

  • The Making Of The Dangerous Good Conference

  • The Get Healthy Series

    32 videos

    Don't stop meeting! Offer classes to your small group or congregation to continue the walk with God. Supplementary Bible study tools are essential for men. The Get Healthy and Get Strong study plans will help men accept their calling in family, intimacy, temptation, and friendship. Learn to risk,...

  • Dangerous Good Curriculum Trailer

    Available Jan 18th, 2019 Order Your Workbooks Today.

    It’s time to wake the sleeping giant in our world, in our communities, in our churches, and in our homes.

    There’s a revolution brewing, a sleeping giant coming out of a long slumber. For years men have been sitting to the side, minding t...

  • The Corona Chronicles with Kenny Luck

    7 videos

    Right now the COVID-19 pandemic is pressing the PAUSE button on the life we thought we would be living and forcing us to embrace a new normal for unknown period of time. While this pandemic is unplanned and unwelcomed on all levels it is also UNSURPRISING to God. Jesus said, "In this world you w...

  • “You Are Here” Part 4 Live with Kenny Luck

    Right place, right time.  Ever had an experience that would describe that way?  Maybe it didn't seem that way at first.  You might be seated next to a complete stranger on an airplane and then come to discover they work in your same profession and you know the same people.  The result? An ongoing...

  • “You Are Here” Part 5 Live with Kenny Luck

    Certain people in our lives change the environment the second they appear. Maybe it is a a brother or sister, an aunt or uncle, or a close who friend who you say that they “light up a room” or they are the “life of the party.” Things get better when they are in the mix. The Bible says that God’s ...

  • Facing Your Mountain Down with Jason Park

  • Where The Light Is

    5 videos

    Darkness and light surround our daily lives.  Light pierces darkness.  Light illuminates the mysterious.  Light provides safety.  Light is hope.  Darkness and light also surround and shape our spiritual well-being.  God's man is called to avoid one and engage the other.  Sin is darkness.  Righteo...

  • "Where the Light is" Part 1 with Kenny Luck

  • “Where The Light Is” Part 2 Live with Kenny Luck

    Lost. It's not just an adjective to describe someone or something, it is a feeling. This sense of being unable to find our way hits us as men after trying to navigate our own way and failing. We can't get to the place we long to get to and a pervading fear creeps in that we might never get the...

  • “Where The Light Is” Part 3 Live with Jason Park

    It is easier to stay committed to something when you are connected to men who are committed to that same thing. Simple right? Well you would think so but it is a battle to find and integrate into your life healthy male friendships that help you keep your commitment. The opposite is also true - i...

  • “Where The Light Is” Part 4 Live with Kenny Luck

  • “Where The Light Is” Part 5 Live with Kenny Luck

    "What has gotten into you?" We usually say that when someone's behavior has changed. Their pattern of action and attitude has morphed - hopefully for the better - and we are curious as to the source. We want to know what has agented the transformation. A husband starts being kinder to his wif...

  • “Turning the Tables” Part 1 Live with Kenny Luck

  • “Turning the Tables” Part 3 Live with Kenny Luck

    If you are a man and are looking for encouragement do not turn on cable news. Within seconds you will find yourself shaking your head. Vulnerable or fatherless young men being swooped into violent crime and terrorizing people on the streets. Powerful men using their positions of influence to ex...