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  • Crazy Asks with Kenny Luck

    5 videos

    A man knows when he is "coasting." It means that he is not stretching to achieve a higher standard, putting a full effort into his work or sacrificing anything to improve a situation, an endeavor or important relationship. The Bible reveals a personal God who does not believe in"coasting" in yo...

  • Dangerous Good Curriculum Trailer

    Available Jan 18th, 2019 Order Your Workbooks Today.

    It’s time to wake the sleeping giant in our world, in our communities, in our churches, and in our homes.

    There’s a revolution brewing, a sleeping giant coming out of a long slumber. For years men have been sitting to the side, minding t...

  • The Get Healthy Series

    32 videos

    Don't stop meeting! Offer classes to your small group or congregation to continue the walk with God. Supplementary Bible study tools are essential for men. The Get Healthy and Get Strong study plans will help men accept their calling in family, intimacy, temptation, and friendship. Learn to risk,...

  • Force Of Habit with Kenny Luck

    6 videos

    Series Title: Force Of Habit
    It is a lifestyle series… When you make a change to live for God it is not an event it is intended to become a lifestyle. Habits become forces in our lives that turn into ways of living for better or for worse. They are powerful. Not sure how to illustrate that but i...

  • The Corona Chronicles with Kenny Luck

    7 videos

    Right now the COVID-19 pandemic is pressing the PAUSE button on the life we thought we would be living and forcing us to embrace a new normal for unknown period of time. While this pandemic is unplanned and unwelcomed on all levels it is also UNSURPRISING to God. Jesus said, "In this world you w...

  • Could It Be? with Kenny Luck

    3 videos

    Could it be... that behind the disruptions we are experiencing right now in our world and culture that God is orchestrating some needed and new directions for you personally, for the people connected to you relationally and for us collectively as His church?

    God's plan always moves God's people ...

  • Sports Spectrum Podcast with Jason Romano

    23 videos

    Hosted by former ESPN Senior Producer Jason Romano, Sports Spectrum is an interview driven podcast that features stories on the intersection of faith and sports.

  • “It Ain't About You” Live with Jason Park

    Jesus’ teachings are not recommendations for how we should “feel.” They are commands for how we should act. Where we prefer to act in compliance with how we feel, Jesus calls us to act in a way that is often in defiance of how we feel. What does that mean? If we plan to follow the commands of ...

  • The Testimony Series Season 2 "In The Line Of Fire"

    11 videos

    Each and everyday these men and women risk it all to keep us safe. In season 2 of our Testimony Series you will hear their real life stories and how they leaned on their faith to get them through these traumatic experiences.

  • Resolve with Kenny Luck

    2 videos

    In a digital culture "waiting" is a foreign concept .  Our whole existence is built around shrinking not expanding wait times.  Think about it.  Click a button and your heart's desire is shipped to your porch in a day or two.  Press "send" and a text goes halfway around the world in seconds.  Ord...

  • The Making Of The Dangerous Good Conference

  • “Crazy Asks” Part 3 Live with Kenny Luck

    Quick fixes to big problems are hard to come by - especially embarrassing ones.   Your computer crashes and you can't get your work completed on time. It will be late.  No quick fix.  You are on your way to work and your coffee mug tips over onto your shirt and pants.  Time to go back home. No qu...

  • “Crazy Asks” Part 4 Live with Kenny Luck

    For most men, their life is full of "loves." In fact, we like to describe a man by what they love.  In answer to the question, "What is he like?" we will say "Oh, he loves ..." and then go on to identify what a man values.  This would include his attachments to people, his beliefs, his sports tea...

  • “Crazy Asks” Part 5 Live with Jason Park

    The only guarantee with adversity is, it’s coming. You can’t schedule its arrival, but you will for sure know when it gets here. The seasons of adversity offer opportunities for spiritual growth and a realization that our God is Sovereign. God makes big asks of us in these moments. Our faithf...

  • “Seriously…” Part 1 Live with Kenny Luck

    Who gets to decide what is best for you? You or God? All men can respond in one of three ways. In pride which says to God: "I know better on this one." In fear which says to God: "Thanks but no thanks, I know how to meet my needs better on this one." Or, in faith which says to God: "You know ...