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Watch this video and more on Every Man Ministries

Hearing God Part 5 with Kenny Luck

New Release • 57m

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    DRIVING FORCES in our lives fuel the thinking and living of every man. These forces become the axis for our decision-making. A good example? Men will work hard to provide for their families - being a husband and father has power or force necessary to make a man work hard. By contrast, a DOMINA...

  • Dominant Force Part 2 with Kenny Luck

    Expectations are the unseen killer of relationships. Differing expectations litters a relationship with misinterpretations and massive frustration. When someone says "This shouldn't be so hard" when referring to a relationship they have, what they are really saying is "I had different expectati...

  • Dominant Force Part 3 with Kenny Luck

    It is human nature to create a narrative or rationale to get what you want or live the way you want. My kids were legend at creating narratives, invoking the quetionable, and using like words like "everybody" or "all" to convince themselves and me that they needed the latest and greatest thing t...

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