The Dangerous Good Conference 2019

The Dangerous Good Conference 2019

The Dangerous Good 2019 Conference Live From Los Angeles, California with Jesus Culture Leading Worship.

This is a 3 Session Conference Series

Vision to Inception

It has been over a week since the Dangerous Good Conference featuring Jesus Culture was held in Los Angeles, California. We knew the space we created for the Holy Spirit to transform men was explosive. We knew all their senses would be engaged. We knew it strike at the heart. We knew it would be emotional. We knew the earth would shake. But to experience it first hand melted me into a puddle of gladness. The oil of gladness is still on me and it has been over a week! I am learning you can't handcuff awe and wonder. To a man, they all say the same thing.

"Something really big is beginning."

The instance of a living beginning of anything is powerful. But watching this happen was unparalleled against all other encounters I have had with the Holy Spirit in our 25 years of doing men's ministry. The final key to the final and largest door of a vision deposited into my spirit eighteen years ago was being powerfully turned by God himself. Large unlocking sounds were heard and felt - big doors - long shut - were swinging large and outward. An inception intended to spread across the breadth and width of earth by God's intention was unfurling in front me - in front of us - in front of heaven and hell.

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The Dangerous Good Conference 2019