You Are Here with Kenny Luck

You Are Here with Kenny Luck

It's called "intentional insertion."  Strategically it is just like it sounds. It is the entrance of a person or force into a "theater" of operation to execute a particular mission. The goal? To locate, deeply penetrate, and execute specific actions in order to secure the mission objective.  The Bible reveals that in God's mission of redemption for humanity He intentionally inserts God's man into exact settings, at exact times, to achieve his exact purposes at any given moment in time.  God's man never needs to "go on mission."  The mindset we must have is this: "Wherever I find myself to be, the mission is there for me" - to encourage, empower, evangelize, equip, or just empathize with someone. You already have the "green light" to GO! In God's global plan he wants you to know "YOU ARE HERE" for his purpose and plan to be fulfilled.  He is not looking for someone else - he has chosen you to suit up, show up, step in, and TAKE THE SPACE for King and Kingdom.  Join men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck for this exciting series that will activate YOU as God's chosen asset right now.

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You Are Here with Kenny Luck
  • “You Are Here” Part 1 Live with Kenny Luck

  • “You Are Here” Part 2 Live with Kenny Luck

    You are driving on the freeway and see an accident. There are injuries. Random encounter or God's plan? You are walking out of the grocery store and someone is holding a cardboard sign asking for help. Random encounter or God's plan? You are finished eating at a restaurant and you sense the wa...

  • “You Are Here” Part 3 Live with Kenny Luck - Part 3

    Really getting to know a person involves seeing them in situations that test their truest character and beliefs. You can know someone on the surface but what about when (seemingly) no one is watching? A boss, for instance, doesn't know how an employee deals with customers when he is not there s...

  • “You Are Here” Part 4 Live with Kenny Luck

    Right place, right time.  Ever had an experience that would describe that way?  Maybe it didn't seem that way at first.  You might be seated next to a complete stranger on an airplane and then come to discover they work in your same profession and you know the same people.  The result? An ongoing...

  • “You Are Here” Part 5 Live with Kenny Luck

    Certain people in our lives change the environment the second they appear. Maybe it is a a brother or sister, an aunt or uncle, or a close who friend who you say that they “light up a room” or they are the “life of the party.” Things get better when they are in the mix. The Bible says that God’s ...