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Watch this video and more on Every Man Ministries

Hearing God Part 4 with Kenny Luck

New Release • 44m

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    We call it multi-tasking. It means that you are able to do more than one thing at a time. Culture encourages it and it can work in some instances. We talk and drive at the same time. We BBQ and sip a beer at the same time. We hold our kids and eat at the same time and so on. But at some poi...

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    DRIVING FORCES in our lives fuel the thinking and living of every man. These forces become the axis for our decision-making. A good example? Men will work hard to provide for their families - being a husband and father has power or force necessary to make a man work hard. By contrast, a DOMINA...

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    Expectations are the unseen killer of relationships. Differing expectations litters a relationship with misinterpretations and massive frustration. When someone says "This shouldn't be so hard" when referring to a relationship they have, what they are really saying is "I had different expectati...