Not Of It

Not Of It

If you've ever been caught in a riptide it is an odd feeling.  Your swimming but you are not getting any closer to shore.  In fact, the harder you struggle the worse it gets.  Sound familiar?  Feels to many like we are caught in a cultural riptide and a lot of energy is being spent but the shores of unity and solutions appear farther and farther away.  We don't often think of Jesus and his disciples this way but, like us, they too were caught up in the cultural, ethnic, and religious divisions of their time.  Jesus lived in it, was not of it, and rose above it to love and advance God's plan in the midst.  His message to the disciples:  "You are not of the world but I have chosen you out of the world."  What did that mean for them?  What did Jesus want them to do?  How could they possibly act "not of it" when they were swimming in it.  At a time when many of us are feeling confused and divided, we discover through Christ the clarity and unity we seek along with a clear mandate to rise above culture and into our Kingdom purpose. Join author and pastor Kenny Luck for this timely series about transcendence in the midst of turmoil. 

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Not Of It
  • Not of It Part 1

    Right now everybody's insides are pouring out and onto to the streets, into conversations at the dinner table, and creating a host of negative and separating emotions. We are being forced to stake out positions, plant ourselves, and take a side. It is unavoidable. What also seems to be unavoid...

  • Not of It Part 2

    Jesus told his disciples that they would stand out by not allowing themselves to be controlled by cultural movements or thinking that excluded God or were hostile to God. They would be swimming up stream for sure - especially when it came to choosing Christ above longstanding cultural norms. Th...

  • Not of It Part 3

    Not being "of the world," as Jesus describes every man of God, means we have a different source, a different means of influence, and a different mindset living "in the world." When Jesus briefed the disciples about their mission on earth he said it has to come with a mindset: "I am sending you ...